The Curious Case Of Idly (The White South Indian Beauty)

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Idly also known as rice cake is the most famous south Indian food and also the favorite breakfast dish across the Indian Subcontinent. A concoction of rice and lentils fermented and the batter steamed makes the fluffiest of the white mounds usually eaten with a spicy accompaniment of a variety of chutneys and sambhar. The right ratio of the rice and lentils and the fermentation process is the key to making them the fluffiest.

In ancient times the abundant ports available in South India led to a lot of trade relations and one such trade link with Indonesia and South India seem to have led to the Indian Chefs to learn about idly. The origin of Idly seems to be from South India. Kids, grown-ups, and the seniors all seem to like this simpleton with a variety of accompaniments. While children love to eat the white fluffies with ghee and sugar, grown-ups prefer a variety of spicy sides.

Although it is a south Indian dish it is usually liked by all Indians. Idly is a healthier option since it does not use any oil in its preparation. Idly has the lowest calorie since it is steamed and also aids in improving gut health due to the fermentation in its preparation process. The fermentation process in the preparation of idly helps in breaking down the complex carbohydrates and proteins.

A serving of four idlies packs about 350 calories a day and can even be consumed while in illness. Idly is also vegan and tops the list of the vegan menu. It is also a light and easily digestible food option and can be prepared with a variety of recipes and multiple options of accompaniments. Idly is best relished with coconut, tomato, and onion chutneys. South Indians enjoy it with some chutney powder and gingelly oil. Eat idlies dipped in hot sambhar or enjoy it along with some fried onions and green chilies as a snack.

Just like chutneys, sambhar is also prepared with several recipes. Some of them are a concoction of various Indian spices and vegetables. Both the chutneys and sambhars are available in a mild and spicier version and enjoyed as per one’s taste.

Food experts from across the world have worked on a few variations and come up with more and more options for it by using the more healthier grains like millets, chickpea flour, sooji, and a few others. Irrespective of the many tweaks in the recipe, the fermentation and the steaming involved in the preparation process of it remains unchanged and makes it the healthiest and easiest food option.

If you are new to the Indian Cuisine and on the lookout for trying something new to tease your taste buds then Idly should be your first and foremost choice. There has never been a case of anyone upsetting their tummy with the humble idly. Easy to digest, good for gut health, and rich in iron idlies are the healthiest breakfast, dinner or snack option that one must try along with a glass of fresh filter coffee.

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